Wednesday, August 11, 2010

B4AK supports Kids in the Community

Sponsored by Backpacks for Aussie Kids
Recognising our childrens involvement in the community!
The KidsZone@FC Community Hero Awards encourage nominations from the community of Kids doing their bit for the community. 
Weather it is their involvement in a community group, helping the elderly, school work, charity involvement  or something else that adds value to the community if you know of kids or a friend involved we want to know about them!
Each month the nominees for be profiled on the Family Capers Forums and the Family Capers Community will vote for the KidsZone@FC Community Hero. Winners will receive a prize and qualify for our annual KidsZone@FC Community Hero Presented in January 2011 at the Family Capers Family Convention and Awards Dinner.
Children who are encouraged to shine in areas that interest them might go on to build a career in those pursuits. Wouldn’t it be fantastic to know the recognition they received as a child via Family Capers helped set them up for the future?

Family Capers is contacting schools and community groups throughout the country to send in their nominations for Kids in Community. Join us in celebrating what our children can do.
Let the Family Capers Team know about what the Kids in our Community are achieving by nominating them or submitting article or artwork for the KidsZone@FC Mag by emailing
Like to sponsor a Kids in the Community Award with prizes please contact
(written by Linda Enever of FC) 
 Backpacks 4 Aussie Kids is pleased to be involved in this community program. We supply the monthly winner with a backpack filled with age appropriate goodies just as a 'thank you' for being you! 

It's so important to let people know when they are valued and sometimes it's really easy to overlook the kids in our lives. When we are going through a hard time, so are they, just by the mere fact they are watching what's going on with us. Kids cope with lots more than we realise and I think we have mostly forgotten what it was like to be a kid.
This program has such a positive focus. You could nominate your own child for making gains in areas only you would normally see. If you are a foster carer, nominate your biological kids for this award! They are helping kids in care too.
Can't wait to see who is nominated next!

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