Thursday, December 16, 2010

Get him to the Greek . . . What the?!

Ok, so the last couple of weeks of this school year I was chatting with the year 6 and 7 students at the school I was working at. Just chatting about stuff, important pre teen stuff, like who fancies who and what movies they think are great etc. when the movie 'Get Him to the Greek', was discussed.

The kids (11 and 12 year olds) assured me it was 'awesome' and that I really should see it. They raved about how funny it was and how the characters get up to some 'cool stuff'. So I thought I'd watch it.

Now, maybe because I knew the 11 and 12 year old kids had already seen the movie, or maybe because I have just out grown that sort of base degrading humor, (although I'm sure I was never into that kind of thing), I just couldn't find the movie funny at all!!!

The blatant use of recreational drugs, the sex scenes that really didn't leave much to the imagination and the full on stupidity of the movie just made me feel sick.

The whole way through it I kept thinking, 'the kids at school have seen this, the kids at school have seen this'.
I just can't believe a parent in their right mind would let a child under the age of consent (that's 15 and 16years) watch this movie, supervised or not. It was the most inappropriate thing I've seen in a long, long time! Even as an adult I found it stupid.

I realise the target audience was probably males aged 18 -25 or something but seriously! And the amount of publicity this film got. I actually thought from the previews and the interviews that the movie might be a bit of a laugh.

Look, I'm just so annoyed at parents who let their kids watch this stuff. It allows kids to see drugs as fun and sex as a game and gives them the whole wrong idea of how to form relationships. I'm not against one night stands.... but not at 13 years of age. Which does happen, and where do the kids with babies end up? That's right folks - foster care, youth shelters or on the street.

I hate when I go to the movies to see an M15+ movie and there are 10 year olds in the line in front of me who buy tickets and get in, no questions asked.  I've seen parents with toddlers take their kids to see violent movies and I have to say.... you had the kids, suck it up and get a baby sitter or wait for the dvd.

Can you tell I'm pretty passionate about this?

I just stomped my foot for extra effect.

Kids just don't have the reasoning skills and the comprehension skills to realise that these crazy storylines are for show and not how life should be if you want to be successful.

Anyway, enough ranting.
Does anyone agree with me? or am I just over sensitive?

Sunday, November 21, 2010

How hard is it?

How hard do you think it would be to be a child in care? I've been asking myself this recently. I've seen so many different types come through our doors since we started caring. Some seem happy enough to just go with the flow, from home to home, others cry and are upset and others are very angry and want their mum. We've had to call the police on one occasion and had a 7 year old try to run away down the main road and just about got hit by a car. We've had distraught kids, well behaved kids and happy kids.

But they all share a common theme . . . an underlying sadness and confusion as to who is their mum and dad and when or if they will be going 'home' wherever that may be. Sure the kids can be distracted with a new school, new bedroom and of course our cats, dogs and chickens keep them entertained. But really it's just a distraction.

What is going on inside their minds? All of a sudden they have a new 'aunty and uncle' as well as everything else they have to cope with. They are expected to just trust perfect strangers with their well being and safety, and for the most part they do.

Personally, I don't think I would have coped as a child in these circumstances, but I was never abused or needed to be removed from my parents care. I could read, write and spell and did well at school (even though I didn't like it) I never swore at a teacher, threw a chair or hit a teacher or another student. I never threatened to kill anyone or hate myself enough to want to end my own life.

Yet for thousands of kids and teens all over Australia these thoughts, feelings and actions are taking place.

Without an army of dedicated 'strangers' to care for them and attempt to show them a 'normal' life who knows what would happen to these youngsters? Our future.

I've seen kids come into our home with not only one of our projects backpacks, but with other care packages as well and I know they've been in and out of care several times in one year.

When I pack the teddies in the bags I always say a special little something to them. I hope the message gets through.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

October was busy!

 These are just a couple of the piles of mail I've been getting! I usually wait till the weekend now to open everything LOL!

That amount of mail arrives at least each week, sometimes more. I'm always so touched and moved by the generosity of the people in our Australian community.  Some packages cost $20 or more to send, but I get them on a regular basis from several people.  You should know that the items go to our storage area and are sorted regularly and packed as needed.

Opening the packages is great fun and I set aside a special time to do it, because I figure if people spent time organising donations, packing them and heading off to line up at the post office, the very least I can do is take some real time out to appreciate it all. I used to take lots of pix but as you can see from the quality of some of these photos, my camera is on it's last legs and I really can't afford a new one right now.

So, I know it's been a while since I blogged.... so here's what's happening! I've gone back to work 3 days a week, initially in the prep class but for the last six weeks of term I'm filling in in all grades across the school to give teachers  extra time to work on report and catch up on non contact time etc. As a teacher myself, I bet the teachers are very excited to have this extra time at this time of the year.

Other than that I've been sorting all the undie donations into packs of 3 in size and gender!
I've used about 650 plastic zip lock bags and because I really feel bad about all that plastic, I've bought cellophane bags for the rest. (it's biodegradable!)

Also  went to the local Family Care meeting to collect donations!!!

I promise I've been busy LOL

Just to finish off this blog, here is a pix of a kids bike that was dropped off to me. I was able to give it to a 3 year old girl who had just come into care with absolutely nothing of her own. Wish I could have been there to give it to her myself :o)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Perth Project Underway!!!

A couple of months ago a lovely lady by the name of Susan Merriman got in touch with me about the possibility of helping out the project in some way. She'd been considering starting something similar in her area. We had several chats via email and Skype and her enthusiasm for the needs of the kids seemed to match my own! 
So off she went, made contacts in her area, sent me her resume and described her plan for helping the kids in need where she lives.  

This is her!

Here’s my story so far...

About two months ago a friend of mine emailed a group of us and asked us if we would all donate some children’s underwear to an amazing friend of hers who was running a wonderful organisation called Backpacks 4 Aussie Kids. I looked up her website and read what it was all about. I was so amazed and touched by what Des was doing that my initial reaction (after crying) was to try to get as many backpacks together and donate them to her.

So I rang Des and had a long chat with was during this conversation that I realised that not only was no one that she knew of was doing this over in WA but also what an achievable thing it was that she was I decided that I would try to start it up here in WA.

My husband was away at the time and being the more practical one of us his first reaction was, ‘And where will we store all of this, Sus?’ (our house is tiny), but by this stage I had already sent out my initial email to everyone I knew asking for help, ideas, suggestions and, most of all, donations!

Well, they came in thick and fast...along with being put in touch with a wonderful lady, Bev...who got hold of some new and very cool backpacks! A beautiful girlfriend of mine made me up a flyer and I was on my way...set to start packing!

Over the next few weeks my phone rang hot with people wanting to help and/or donate. I had one phone call from a guy who had read my email through a friend of a friend and asked me if I knew of a website where I could buy backpacks in an auction. He rang me again half an hour later to say that he had bought me 20. They arrived today!!

I packed for three days and with the amazing help of a friend who popped in to drop off her donations, saw what a pickle I was in and stayed for four hours helping...this morning I was able to deliver 72 packs to Fostering Services. What a feeling!!

Three little helpers came around this afternoon, and with their help another 30 backpacks are waiting to be delivered. Great work, girls!!

I am hoping to go far with the backpacks, just as Despina has done in Queensland. My venture so far has only confirmed my thoughts that community spirit is as strong as ever...people really want to be involved in their community and help others in need.

Sue has now packed over 100 backpacks for kids in need!
If you are in W.A, Perth or nearby or anywhere really and want to help, please email me at or comment on our facebook page  and I'll pass on your details to Sue.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Final Week for Project Underpants - 964 undies have arrived!!!

 This project was the brainchild of Indi from {Kid}Independent.
Everything was arranged and organised through this site and through the fan page on Facebook.

Indi enlisted the help of various online businesses who donated some fantastic prizes as incentive for undie pledges!

Don't forget that all the undies sent in are going into backpacks for kids going into foster care

Here are the final few prizes on offer . . .

First up, if you’re going to wear your knickers outside your shorts, you can really only get away with it if you look the part. So our fabulous friends at DressUps are giving away one of their awesome handmade superhero capes. It comes with a bright red super symbol screenprint, and matching eye mask for keeping your identity secret.

Next up, representing the amphibian superhero community, it’s Oliver the Frog! This little green machine is handmade by the folks at “and the little dog laughed” and proudly provided by our buddies at billy lids. He’ll arrive on you door step with his very own handmade mini superhero cape, ready to join you on your crime-fighting adventure.

Last up today is “Wild Willow”… she may appear all sweet and serene on the outside, but at night time she dons her superhero paraphernalia, and protects the world from evil forces. She has superhuman strength, stamina and agility and her secret weapon is the ‘power-hug’. She’s 100% handmade by the crafty folk at Cuckoo for Coco and comes with her very own  mini polka dot superhero cape.

The Project Underpants winners will be drawn next week and names will be published on this page and in our 7 October news. I’d like to send another BIG thank you to all of the wonderful Project Underpants sponsors. Be sure to drop by and visit their websites to show your appreciation for their generosity.

Project Underpants Sponsors

Monday, September 27, 2010

Jada helps out!

The following post has been written by a very enterprising young lady who has visions of starting her own charity next year.  Young Jada has asked to help do some fundraising for the backpacks project, (all her own idea) and is finding out how our organisation works.

Hi My name is Jada, I am 11 Yrs Old and in Grade 5, I am always looking for ways to protect our environment and ways to help others who are less fortunate than I am. 

I have had some practice at school with projects this year and setting up Poverty Hour at school for a project, so the other kids could see how homeless people live.

After working on these projects I asked my mum if she could help me set up a charity similar to one I saw in America, helping foster kids by collecting much needed supplies in suitcases, that’s when my mum told me about Back Packs for Aussie Kids and we phoned Despina to see how I could help her Charity.  

I have set myself a goal to fundraise 250 Toothbrushes and tubes of toothpaste by Christmas, I have currently collected approx. 30 of each and still have a long way to go.  

I would like everyone to help me reach my goal by sending  Brand New, unopened Toothpaste and Toothbrushes to My mums business address.
Jada Kyle
3 Abernethy ave
Deer Park Vic 3023
Thank you Despina and Backpacks 4 Aussie Kids for giving me the opportunity to help little kids in Foster Care.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Why I became a teacher . . .

This vid really encompasses why I became a teacher and why I do what I do now with the backpacks. Watch it to really get to know me a little better. I was one of those kids that hated school, took all the sickies I could and refused to participate in science because I felt I already had a good understanding and what they were teaching wasn't going to be useful . . .  turns out I was right LOL.  I became a teacher and more importantly an early childhood teacher to give the kids the best introduction I possibly could to education.
My first lot of year one kids are now in grade 10 and 11 and still come up and hug me in the street.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Project Underpants Week 4!!!!

Ta Daa!!!!! This is the last week of the {Kid}Indepenent Project Underpants and boy oh boy has it been successful or what!?!

Over 600 pairs of undies have turned up at my place with another 400 pledged!

And really with these awesome prizes on offer, I can totally understand why! … Each pair of underpants you donate to the Project Underpants campaign gets you one entry into the draw. Plus the person or group who donates the most pairs will win a $150 shopping spree from our friends at Whimsy Child. For full campaign details, please click here. 

On offer this week are the following -

Handmade by our friend Caleena from Little People Clothing. She’s made entirely out of a pair of white cotton socks with woollen hair, hand embroidered face and hand crocheted knickers and slippers… She’s soft and stuffed and ready to be loved!

Next is a handmade lavender heat pack from the crafty Leah at Vintage Chenille. It features an adorable retro dolly print on super cosy vintage chenille fabric and is filled with rice and Australian grown lavender flowers.

 This vintage eeny teeny cotton knit bikini was hand knitted by our friend Elizabeth from Knit Baby. It’s from the Knit Baby Spring Summer 10 “Cool Cotton Collection”.

 Lastly we have a hair clip holder, handmade by Nat from Quirky Kids. Constructed from an original hand drawn design, it’s handcut, sanded, painted, decoupaged, sealed and finished by hand.

 And finally . . . a great big giant THANK YOU to Indi from {Kid} Independent for organising the undie drive for us and canvasing to get all the fantastic prizes on offer.  Thank you also to the wonderful Indi handmade designers for donating such awesome prizes as well!!!!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Project Underpants Week 3 !!!!

Week 3 already!!! and I have to say O.M.G!!! So far 336 pairs of undies have turned up at my place.

The postie is starting to give me some strange looks as he leaves half a dozen or so packages on my back steps daily and the back deck is pretty much covered in donations, (again!). 

{Kid}Independent has organised three more awesome undie themed prizes. This week it's Y-Fronts! LOL! Everyone's favourite kind of underwear.

 Firstly we have the coolest coin purse that you’ll spy this year! These one-of-a-kind wacky y-fronts are completely hand stitched from reclaimed felt by our good friend Cintia from My Poppet. So cool!

Secondly, four knicker sticker packs from Sissy Sparrows. These colourful sets are perfect for creating hilarity on school books, diaries or scrapbooks. Each set is handcut from original illustrations and features a variety of y-fronts and frilly knickers.

 (and my personal fav!!! I am an unashamed cat lover)

Lastly, is an original 8×10″ print by Noosed Kitty. Indi spied it recently on her travels and couldn’t resist snapping it up to add to the prize pool. It features one very brave kitty and his fabulously hilarious superhero mask. I mean, really, who HASN’T attempted to fight crime with knickers on their head… we’ve all been there…

Now just a quick reminder - for every pair of undies you donate (that actually turn up at my place) you will get one entry into the draw!

Winners drawn October 1st 2010, PLUS the person or group who donates the most pairs will win a $150 shopping spree from our friends at Whimsy Child. For full campaign details, please click here.

So, get your pledges in and your undies sent asap to be in the draw!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Facebook Ponderings . . .

Thought this little discussion was worth blogging. Love to know your thoughts . . .
From Facebook Sunday night the 12th Sept.

(I have removed everyone's last names)

Backpacks 4 Aussie Kids We had our monthly meeting today for B4AK and unfortunately, but not unforseen, our first disagreement about the contents of the bags and what is essential and what is not. Here's the list of the basics that go into the bag, just comment with anything on the list that you don't think is essential - that means, if it do...sen't get donated we purchase it. See comments below for the list
See more
2 hours ago · Comment · LikeUnlike · Share · Promote

Backpacks 4 Aussie Kids
Bag contents -
torch, toothbrush/paste, shampoo/conditioner, soap, hairbrush, facewasher, pjs, clothing, soft toy, activity/toy and or book, undies, blankie.
I haven't included nappy bag contents here. Just kids/teens. Like to know what you ...think and why. If you are a carer and have an opinion and would like to identify yourself, please do so.See more
2 hours ago · LikeUnlike · 1 personLoading... ·
I can't see anything wrong with what's in those bags. Although for teens they would probably need deodorant.
2 hours ago · LikeUnlike · 7 peopleLoading... · ·
im guessing if it comes down to having to leave some things out id choose the soap, shampoo and conditioner. 99% of homes would have these items anyway. But on the other hand its nice for them to have there own
2 hours ago · LikeUnlike · 1 personLoading... · ·
I was thinking perhaps a blankie might not be as necessary for an older kid as a younger one - i'm not saying get rid of them but maybe put something more age appropriate in the older kids bags, in exchange for the blankie - beanie perhaps ...or scarf???
Otherwise i think everything is necessary!!!See more
2 hours ago · LikeUnlike · ·
I too think the blanket might not be needed but maybe some deodorant or a journal/diary
2 hours ago · LikeUnlike · 4 peopleLoading... · ·
I think it all sounds good, agree with Sally re the soap etc but nice for them if able to get it, and would probably be cheaper/easier for a book than a additional toy? What a great great thing! :)
2 hours ago · LikeUnlike · ·
i work in a resi with boys age 10-18 and our welcome packs are exactly the same except we have deodorant like emma suggested.
2 hours ago · LikeUnlike · ·
I'd prob take the facewasher out and torch, is the torch for those scared of the dark? maybe a glow in the dark toy? or maybe a small nightlight instead? but yeah i agree with the teens need deodorant.
2 hours ago · LikeUnlike · ·
Maybe sanitary products for those around the age of puberty- puberty is a scary thing but to have to go through it when you have such an unstable life would be difficult- they might not feel comfortable asking and I think it is an essential for teens. IMO :)
2 hours ago · LikeUnlike · 8 peopleLoading... · ·
lol we aren't taking anything out we are adding more!
2 hours ago · LikeUnlike · 1 personLoading... · ·
agree need deoderant and sanitary product for older kids. maybe take torch out, i would only have a blankie for babies/toddlers
2 hours ago · LikeUnlike · 1 personLoading... · ·
I love the diary/journal idea!! Also the deod and sanitary products. ♥
2 hours ago · LikeUnlike · 3 peopleLoading... · ·
I think the content are perfect with the addition of deodorant and sanitary pack for the girls. A torch can help a young one feel more secure particularly if they have to navigate a new house to go to the bathroom. Shower products may not s...eem necessary but for a child or teen that has been taken out of a familiar environment it is nice to have something of their own. I think a journal and pen or coloured pencils is a great idea because feelings need to be expressed and either drawing or writing about them can be a way to cope. Great idea.See more
about an hour ago · LikeUnlike · 1 personLoading... · ·
Tarnya You may be able to get in touch with a company that makes the sanitary pads and ask for them to donate sample packs. You can go onto the website and order a sample so I can't see why they wouldn't donate a large number of packs
about an hour ago · LikeUnlike · 6 peopleLoading... · ·
@tarnya awesome ideas :)
about an hour ago · LikeUnlike · ·
I am a carer and I would say ditch the shampoo and conditioner. Carers are also trained to deal with teen girls and any puberty issues that arise so I wouldn't worry about sanitary products either. Everything else is great and I would definitely keep the blanket even for teens. I always buy my kids their own "special" blanket and they really do love them.l
about an hour ago · LikeUnlike · 1 personLoading... · ·
Backpacks 4 Aussie Kids
thanks everyone. Yes, teens get deodorant :o) We haven't included sanitary pads because we pack in sizes and not ages. For eg, we cared for a 7 year old girl who was a kids size 14-16. I'd hate to put pads in and have a child that age end u...p with them, could be awkward all round. If we donate direct to youth shelters we would include them though.
Interesting that people are saying that soap etc is not essential. When I originally came up with the idea, I wanted the bags to be like an overnight bag for the kids, (and a help for the carers), and yes carers probably do have those things in the house and they could probably leave the light on instead of a torch etc. But it's not about what the carer has...for me it's about what we can give the kids. Unfortunately it's come down to money for us and unless we can get some corporate sponsorship or grants happening soon I can see me working at least one day a week just to fund stuff for the packs LOL, yes, my partner knows - he already thinks I'm a bit nuts but he understands my passion for this.
Our project team works really hard to make sure we get everything we need, we just needed to make a decision on how to spend our funds. The meeting was great and we are gearing up for the cent sale and had a beautiful lunch...which is the main thing right :o) ♥ to the team and everyone who commented.See more
about an hour ago · LikeUnlike · 3 peopleLoading... ·
Backpacks 4 Aussie Kids
thanks Machelle!
about an hour ago · LikeUnlike ·
Would there be any chance of hitting up some major motel chains (or the like) that may possibly donate some of the travel size shampoos etc? :)
about an hour ago · LikeUnlike · ·
Backpacks 4 Aussie Kids
You'd think they would wouldn't you Leah?! Anyone work in a large motel and want to give it a shot, please go for it!!!
about an hour ago · LikeUnlike ·
I'm guessing that the chains buy them from HOtel supply wholesalers. I have an ABN so will do some looking into it for you! s
about an hour ago · LikeUnlike · ·
I have just emailed you something to read....let me know what you think :)
about an hour ago · LikeUnlike · ·
I think trying for corporate/bulk donations for travel size bathroom stuff is a cool idea - will ask my friends if any have contacts that could help. Basically I think the list is perfect, if finances mean you *have* to trim it back then I'd trim back the blankie for the largest sizes (ie: generally older kids) and possibly the facewasher (on the grounds that no kids I know actually use them) but I do think keeping everything if at all possible is the best solution.
about an hour ago · LikeUnlike · ·
Johnston Maybe a book and a pen, tissues, personal items for teenage girls, deodorant. You're doing a fantastic job anyway. The world needs more people like you. xxxx
56 minutes ago · LikeUnlike · ·
Same thought about soap - houses generally have them. I've asked a friend who's hubby's a dentists to see if he can get some small toothpastes I can send up!
31 minutes ago · LikeUnlike · ·
Try ....i used to order lots of pack for puberty classes in schools...they were great!!!

What can I say? Our fans are the best! Lots of interesting opinions here and I still haven't given mine or said what the team decided, but still, great to see people are able to be involved with what we are doing!

Apparently I'm quite stubborn, (it's genetic...I'm Greek!), but we, the Greeks also invented democracy, so I'm happy to go with how we voted today at the meeting.

Will let you all know in the next week or so.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Project Underpants Week 2!!!

{Kid}Independent supporting B4AK
Well, I was sitting on the living room floor the other night opening packages and counting undies, (a little like the Count from Sesame Street, except I wasn't wearing my cape), and I realised that we have had over 260 undies pledged in just the first week of Project Underpants!!!
And that doesn't even include the several people who are rounding up donations from friends and family before they send theirs!
This is our adopted cat Milo (or Ianto as we trying to re name him, he doesn't really come to either!)

 Currently we have enough undies to pack about 900 bags (that's 3 pairs of undies per bag), but we are really needing boys undies and sizes 12 - 16 for both boys and girls. (A women's size 8 or medium is a girls size 16 and a man's size medium is a boys size 16).

Pop on over to {Kid} Independent to see the prizes on offer this week!
 To inspire your undie pledges this week, we have three fabulous prizes to add to the prize pool. Each pair of underpants you donate gets you one entry into the draw. New prizes will be released each week throughout September {winners drawn on 1 October, 2010}, plus the person or group who donates the most pairs will win a $150 shopping spree from our friends at Whimsy Child. For full campaign details, please click here.

Firstly, Louise from The Little Humbugs draws her designs in pencil, and then colours them digitally. The finished product is printed using high quality archival paper and claria inks and is then matted, ready for framing.  This little cutie looks like she’s taking master duck for a splash in some puddles!

Next up we have Billy in his y-fronts and Bella in her frilly knickers. This delightful pair are hand crocheted by Rosie from Rosie’s Bears and Bitty Critters. Each one is made from acrylic yarn and stands approx. 25cm tall. I don’t know what it is about y-fronts, but they always make me giggle!

Our final prize today is from the crafty studio of Steph from Mon Petit Poppet. Sporting a red and white polka dot bikini, this handmade dolly is off on vacation to the beaches of St. Tropez. She’s looking for a stylish fashionista to take along with her… cocktails at sunset anyone?

A big thank you to all the Indi handmade people who have donated to the prize pool!
And thank you to all the people who have pledged undies!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Time to vote again!

It's time to vote for those Kids in our Community who are 'doing their bit'.


Caleb recently participated in his first ever 40Hr Famine.
Caleb is 13yrs old, and it was his own decision to 'go without'.
Caleb didn't just go without food though, he decided to go without Technology as well.
Now, this might not seem like much to you or I, but, Caleb is one of those Kids who enjoys his TV, Games & Music.
He set about planning the weekend with gusto. He planned games and activities to occupy his time, and he did the Famine with a friend, so they had each other to lean on.
Caleb unfortunately suffers from Childhood Migraines, and lo and behold, one developed on the Saturday night while the Famine was in full swing. The only way to relieve this is for rest, medication and food (as it is likely that the lack of food attributed to the migraine). So, Caleb had to eat. It was my decision, not his, but he accepted that this was necessary for his health.
He could have just ended the whole shebang right there, but he didn't. He continued with his 'fasting' from technology into the next day, and even longer than initially planned because he wanted to make up for having to eat before the 40hrs was up.
Caleb's goal was to raise $300. A nice modest sum. To this date, Caleb has raised approx $100. He is extremely proud of himself, as this amount of money will go a long way to help children in 3rd world countries.
I am proud of Caleb for wanting to do something selfless to help others. He is my (big) Little Hero!


I would like to nominate Ruby. Ruby was diagnosed with lung cancer at age 7 and is now 9 and in remission. She has raised over $6000 for the Oncology Children’s Foundation through her efforts to bring a team to the Gear Up Girl Sydney cycling events each year for the past two years.
Ruby has lost half of 1 lung, but doesn't let that get to her.
Last year, 6 months after Ruby's surgery, a follow up scan showed no sign of Cancer in Ruby's lungs.


India is a year 4 student, who has a passion for design and social awareness, and it started early. India has launched her own special line of personally designed bags, Butterscotch Kids By Caidia, and all proceeds are going to be donated to Australia's homeless, and to raise awareness of the issue amongst children her own age.
India clearly gets her great sense of charity from her Mother Kate, who has her own Bag Range, and recently donated $1 from every Messenger bag sold to the homeless charities throughout Australia.
India has been able to visit Chinese manufacturing houses, so she has seen homelessness at its worst, and she was shocked to discover it occured in Australia too, so she decided she wanted to help.

You can vote for one of these amazing kids at the Family Capers forum.
Such a hard decision to make!

Each monthly winner receives a backpack full of goodies from the project team here at Backpacks 4 Aussie Kids just to say thanks for being you!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sorting Morning

Another beautiful day in Innisfail. Hot, humid and drizzly. Someone forgot to tell the weather gods that it's Spring!!!

It was about a billion degrees in the warehouse, (unless I just hit menopause), and our little pedestal fan just wasn't cutting it!

Nevertheless, three dedicated members of the local Salvos turned up to help sort the clothing into sizes and then into sets. Our project secretary Tracy was also able to help out for an hour or so before taking her little girl to a birthday party. Remember when birthday's were something to look forward too!?!!

We spent a good two hours setting out the clothing and then bundling up sets, (that's a top and a bottom) with the size marked on it.  This will make stocktaking run much more smoothly.  When the sets are put into the correct boxes, each has a stocktake form on the front of it - like so:

This means that I can go in and pack at anytime and know exactly how many of each sizes we can cater for. As you can see, if clothing is taken or added to the boxes, it's all noted on the form. That's a lot of mucking around I hear you say . . . 

Yep! It takes quite a while to set it up. But since our next goal is 10,000 backpacks it will pay to be organised :o)

All in all, I was standing in the heat on the concrete for about 5 hours! I stayed after the others left so I could open more boxes of donations and do a few other things. But I have to say that without the help of the Salvos this morning never would have happened!


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Project Underpants Sept 2010!

{Kid} Independent has organised a series of prizes which have been donated by our fabulous friends and sponsors. There will be three new prizes released each week during September, so check back each Thursday to see what’s up for grabs!

To be eligible for the prize draw, your undie donation must arrive here, at the Backpacks 4 Aussie Kids HQ on or before 30 September, 2010. For each pair of undies that you pledge/donate you will get one entry into the major prize draw. 
Plus, the person or group who donates the most pairs of undies will win a $150 shopping spree from our friends at Whimsy Child. Hooray!

How do you start?
  • Start collecting your knickers today …
  • Add “undies” to your weekly shopping list …
  • Tell all your friends about the campaign …
  • Share on facebook, twitter, blogs, etc …
  • Get your Mum’s group, or work place in on the action …
  • Package up your undies and make your pledge before 30 Sept …
  • Wait with bated breath to see if you’ve won!
*Special thanks to Amanda from Style Collective for her assistance in promoting this campaign, and to all of our prize sponsors for their awesome prizes. Don’t forget to drop by and visit them to show your appreciation for their generosity.

Project Underpants Sponsors
And of course thank you to {Kid} Independent! for coming up with this idea and organising EVERYTHING!!! So wonderful to have support like this.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

BBQ fundraiser at the Overflow!

I think the following video footage tells the story completely!
We had such a great time, raised money and ate our sausage quota for the next 11 years.

Monday, August 30, 2010

QCWA Rocks!!!

It was my absolute pleasure to be invited to speak at this years regional QCWA conference at Kurramine Beach (about 40 mins from where I live). There were ladies there from Mackay out to Sarina and up to the Cape!

The local divisions of the QCWA have been wonderful supporter of Backpacks 4 Aussie kids since I started the project last year. The ladies have made blankets, teddies, dolls, cushions and all sorts of other things for us to include in the backpacks and nappy bags.

What can I say about these women? Well, let's see . . . for a start, not one of them was over 25 (mentally!), they were all passionate about being members of their divisions and helping their communities, yet realised that we are all part of a bigger community - from town, to state to country!

This group of highly motivated women of all ages and walks of life really know how to come together and support each other and the more needy people in their areas.

The meeting this year covered everything from proper protocols to follow at meetings, to a self esteem workshop and a Tai Chi training session.

A beautiful woman called Terri was waiting to greet me as I pulled into a car park. The very first time we met I discovered that she was the daughter of my 'Brown Owl' from when I was a littley in the Brownies!

Terri has always made me feel so welcomed to the meetings, as have all the ladies. I feel no age difference, except I think that some of these women have more energy than me!

I was treated to a coffee before my talk and of course I had scones with jam and cream afterward! You can't go to a QCWA thingy without having scones, it just wouldn't be right! (I think it's actually illegal)

I was only a little bit nervous about this presentation and I felt it went well, with lots of questions after and some really generous ladies who sneaked cash donations into my hand. As well as this the ladies loaded up my car with lots and lots of donations for the backpacks.

Several women came up to me and confessed they had tears in their eyes while I was talking about how little these kids in care may have. Some have experienced it first hand, having cared for neighbours kids and other kids not in 'official care', or growing up in a house where their parents cared for other peoples children.

I had such a lovely time chatting with the ladies, as I always do, that I was sad to leave. Hopefully I will get the chance to go to one of their craft mornings soon.

Anne from Babinda Div

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