Friday, February 4, 2011

Guest blogger Richelle

 Introducing Richelle!
Richelle is a full time mum of two girls aged 2 and 4 years and she's also a Stampin' Up!® Demonstrator. She runs regular card making classes and lives in the beautiful state of WA!
As you can see from her pic, she's pretty cute . . . 
This is the first blog Richelle has done for us, so please leave some feedback either here or her blog or facebook page.

I hope you find something fun to do from these blogs!
des :o)

One of our Favourite indoor craft activities.
Crafting has been runs in my family, between my Mum , Sister, Nana and Aunty and I, we are competent sewers, knitters, cardmakers, scrapbookers, folk artists and a few other things thrown into the mix. So as an extension of my love of craft (and wanting to keep my brain active and hopefully make some extra cash when I had my first child), I joined Stampin’ Up! I love it as I get to share my love of crafting with family, friends and also lots of new people I meet.  

One of the things about being a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator, you buy their products and for me, that includes a few of their punches. I love how easy they are to use and this activity revolves around getting your child to use them. Yes they are that easy! So here are some details about one of our favourite activities when it’s too hot or wet to play outside.

What you’ll need:
·        Craft punches in all sorts of shapes and sizes. If you don’t have any craft punches you can buy pre-cut shapes from most craft stores or el cheapo stores
·         Find some card or paper. Scraps are perfect! But you’ll also need 1-2 big pieces per child/project
·        Glue – I use blue gluesticks as then you and your child can see how much glue they are using
·        Textas, pencils or crayons

What to do:
1)      Punch out lots of shapes in all your card and papers. If you place them in a box as you go, you’ll have somewhere to store them if they aren’t all used. Miss 4 is able to use my punches, but Miss 2.5 doesn’t have the co-ordination just yet. Young kids get a thrill from picking up the shapes and putting them in a box – it gives them a job whilst you are punching out more shapes. 

2)     Today,  I’ve helped out by mounting 1 large piece of card on another contrasting piece of card to ‘frame’ their work (this can also be done right at the end).

3)      To help them out, I’ve drawn some flower stems for Miss 2.5 and a heart border and a flower outline for Miss 4. The idea is to glue inside the flower outline and for Miss2.5 to make flowers at the top of each stem.
4)      Let them draw any thing with the textas, crayons and pencils – do this before any glue is applied to the page.

5)      Hand you child a gluestick! Scary thought! But it’s ok, if it gets on the table, the glue will come off with some spray cleaner and a sponge (or babywipes are priceless!). Also, I try and remember to place some large paper on the table to protect it, or buy a plastic tablecloth from your local craft shop.

6)      Now you’ll just need to supervise and try not to interfere too much. Just watch and see where they need a hand. 

      Soon you’ll see the finished results and the look of sheer joy on your child’s face when they present their artwork to you!
For more details about Stampin’ Up! or to see any of my other work, please visit my blog here.

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