Thursday, January 21, 2010

The gift of giving . . .

Yes, I am going to talk about a business in this post, but it's not so much the business, but the woman behind it that I want to share with you.

It's truly amazing to me the people I have met through social networking sites.

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned on my FaceBook status  that I was looking for a pendant or badge with the soon to be sainted Mary MacKillop. I wanted to give it to a dear friend of mine who is battling cancer because when I ran into her at K-mart (during the amazing $5 backpacks sale), she insisted on giving a donation to B4AK right then and there. We got to chatting and my friend showed me the picture of MM she carries with her and said that she was going to be the next miracle!

I assured my friend I thought she would be as well. This woman is one of those amazing women who is able to find an inner strength to fight for her life. I know that she cries and fears and dreads, but I can also see her joy of life, her willingness to go through what ever she has to, so she can life her life to the full.

Personally, I've known this woman for over 10 years. She was there for me when we discovered my mother's cancer had returned, (this time to her breast). She listened and supported and gave me a kick up the bum when needed!  Not even six months after my mother's diagnosis, my friend was also diagnosed with the same monster.

My mother passed that same year, but my friend battles on. I find her inspirational and am blessed to know her.

This is where Marthese Borg comes in. When I mentioned I was looking for and couldn't find any Mary MacKillop pendants, Marthese went out of her way to track several down for me. I bought them all!

I grew up learning about Mary MacKillop as I went to a Catholic School, (I am not Catholic by choice, my mum was and she was a teacher there). MM's story has always fascinated me. How could this one woman gain the support of so many and do so much good in the world? Just amazing.

So now I have the pendants, I'll be asking for them to be blessed before giving them to my friend.

A little about Marthese . . .

Marthese has been presenting treasures and very special items to her clients for over 15 years. The items she stocks and creates are quality and are things that can and should be passed on through the family.

Her online store is called Romantic Flair Original, and it is truly just that!

Take a look at some of the links below to see the kinds of things that are stocked -

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