Monday, January 11, 2010

Words from the Heart

This year, I would like to put together a little book of poetry and advice to be sold as a fundraiser for

Each week for the next few week, there will be a theme for the poetry or advice. Anyone can submit work, kids are welcomed and encouraged to participate as much as the adults.

The following poem was written by a 9 year old girl -

Who We Care About

The people we care about are the ones lost in thought
They are the children who need love & support
God is looking over them
Helping them live
With all the challenges that the world gives.
Love, support & happiness is all that they need
To help them live and to help them succeed
So this is all I have to say
Is Backpack for Aussie Kids makes their day.

Written by Chelsea Z

During week one, the theme was -  'Love' of a pet, person, thing, place but had to convey a happy and positive feeling of love and not the heartache we all know that can come with love.

To encourage submissions, there will be a random prize draw each week. Last week Nicole Grant won a cool Spongebob Squarepants beach towel for her kids (or maybe she'll keep it for herself!).

A half-chewed orange peel spat into my hand,
A leaky nappy, broken beads, a car seat full of sand.
A pasta shape squashed between my toes,
Pen on the leather couch, tangled hair, a runny nose.
Dora Dora over and over, Twinkle Twinkle sung off key.
All these things mean LOVE to me.

Nicole Grant

 This week's theme is 'Lonely' or loneliness. Maybe a strange thing to include, but I think it's a very strong feeling and can lead us to create positive as well as negative moments in our lives.

Also this week, people can express advice they would give to boys in 50 words or less and can be on any topic. For example - 'Skateboards don't have brakes, that's why you where the helmet!' or maybe your parents had some stella advice you have found valuable and would like to share.

Not all submissions can be included in the final draft, but everyone goes into the weekly draw to win.

You can send your submission directly to me at
Post on the wall for  
Or join the group  
(you will need to be a member or join C2M for this particular group)

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