Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Project gets some much needed sponsorship!

Felicity's Wish Foundation (Brisbane)
(extract taken from the site )

"Felicity’s Wish is a foundation established in October 2008 by her friends and family as a memorial
to ensure her life long goals are perpetuated.

Felicity was an extremely passionate, vibrant young woman and the Felicity’s Wish Foundation aims to continue that passion in the many avenues that were significant to her. Felicity began her career as a paediatric nurse and as a result she was very enthusiastic about caring for sick children, working with community organisations and the many aspects of breast cancer.
Felicity Purcell’s life ended on the 5th August 2008 at the young age of just 33 after enduring  a year long battle with breast cancer."

2010 is the second year for this new Foundation and their gala night in Brisbane raised $75,000! Backpacks 4 Aussie Kids was chosen as one of  8 charities/non profit groups that they would support.

When Simone Taylor from the group contacted me earlier this year I was completely stunned. However, I was so excited at the prospect of actually being recognised for the work the project is doing I hurt my ankle from all the jumping up and down I did!

So you can imagine how thrilled I was to receive a phone call in early March from Simone, telling me that their group was going to donate $6,000 worth of goods to B4AK. Again, I was stunned and there was much jumping up and down (more carefully this time however!), and we made a plan to create a list of the items most needed, check out prices and sources and then organise for the the items to be purchased at the best price as needed.

Amazing right? But wait . . .  there's more.

My partner Bruce was not as excited as I, because our home has basically become an op shop. He can't get to his ute downstairs, or his tools and the washing machine is only really accessed once a week on a 'need to wash' basis.

Just when I thought I was going to have to tell Simone that we were not able to take the donations in bulk, our problem was solved.

Tracy and I met with Phil and Gilda of Liquid Tile Cairns. They have to be the loveliest people on the planet. They offered us warehouse storage in Cairns as well as offering to store bags ready for delivery. Phil and Gilda have a lifetime of experience in business and are looking to source backpacks for us at an unbelievable price.

If that wasn't enough!

We then met with David, the Managing Director of the Overflow in Far North Queensland. And I have to thank Fleur for setting this all in motion. David offered us storage space at our local Overflow in Innisfail, and practically insisted on getting us a pallet load of new undies in all sizes for both boys and girls AS WELL as more storage tubs!

On top of this, (and at Fleur's suggestion), David has agreed to have collection points at all the Overflow stores he owns (that's 6 stores people!) and he's arranging a few other little things for us as well.
It's been a blessed week for the project.

Our packing day is tomorrow and I've been contacted by about 6 DOC's offices who would like more information and requesting bags.

Happy does not describe this feeling :o)

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