Sunday, July 18, 2010

Where does the money go?

Someone sent me an email the other day asking a question I hadn't been asked before and honestly had never even considered!

The question?
"Where does the $25 for the Sponsor a Backpack go? Is it all for the backpack or is some for admin, wages or other expenses?"

Now, don't get me wrong, this is a great question and I'm glad it was asked!

The answer!
All the money from donations go into the backpacks and nappy bags. We purchase all the things we don't get donated and most of the time, I personally pay for any delivery fees and postage of the backpacks to centers and agencies.  I pay for the advertising, (except once, but I had so much guilt about it I haven't done it again), phone calls, internet, laminated certificates, flyers, contact cards, stationary and all other admin costs including coffee, tea, chocolate and foot rubs for my partner Bruce, (because he's so wonderful, supportive and patient with me doing this project!)

As soon as our incorporated status is confirmed I'll be looking for a grant to apply for to cover admin costs so we can increase our profile not just on the net, but in the real world too!

I am thinking of adding a 'donate to admin' button on the site, LOL !!!!

So, believe me when I say, your money is going where it should. I absolutely LOVE to get donations through the mail and it's great when the courier turns up with boxes of donations for project! But the money is handy for when we need to top up on certain things like undies and nappies for example and sometimes it's just too expensive to post stuff!

I'd like to personally thank all the fans, followers and supporters for their trust in the project. This project really is a community in itself.

(and a side note - if anyone wants to put our banner on your page, or blog or include us in your newsletter, just email me at!)

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