Sunday, January 9, 2011

Post Christmas clean up

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How was your Christmas? Lots of fun and busy, busy, busy? If you have kids, did they get inundated with lots of pressies? I bet they were excited! I love it when Santa comes to visit :o)

So.... what are you going to do with all the toys the kids don't want anymore? Please don't tell me you are going to bin them! Consider donating the ones in good nick to your local charity shop or foster care agency, (no junk though, these kids have been through enough).

Personally, I'm a bit of a 'bah humbug!' when it comes to Christmas. It's starts way to early for me, like - October! Just as Easter apparently has begun with the eggs already on shelves in some places.

I'm all for the Christmas spirit, but I really think it should be all year round. I'm pretty sure that's what the bearded guy who died on the cross was after. (I went to a Catholic school, but I'm not Catholic, more Agnostic).

Maybe the shops start Christmas so early because they think the Christmas spirit should start earlier as well! Doubt it though LOL!

It's the blatant marketing to the kids that really gets me. Fair enough if you don't subscribe to the fella upstairs but still, I think the whole idea of 'giving' at Christmas has been lost. For kids it seems to be about 'getting' the latest whatever it is and chucking a tanty if they don't get it under the tree!

So I have to ask, do you encourage your kids to make or purchase Christmas presents for family members or friends? If they get pocket money, do they buy mum or dad a gift (with help from the other parent obviously) and wrap it and put it under the tree?

When I was a kid, Dad would 'secretly' give me and my little brother $20 to buy something for mum, and Mum would 'secretly' do the same thing!!! (we didn't get pocket money and still had to do our jobs!).

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