Thursday, January 6, 2011

We did it! Goal Smashed :o)

Donation Thermometer

We did it!
Actually we've packed 1230 backpacks!!!

New goal!

Donation Thermometer

 Thanks to the Perth Project who packed 500 backpacks all on their own! The Townsville Project has packed about 100!
Of course this doesn't include all the little extra bits that get sent to the agencies like shoes and toys etc. as well as toiletry packs and towels and school backpacks for our local youth shelter.

While I'm really chuffed at this achievement, it still saddens me that this needs to be done at all. It does, however, continue to amaze me just how generous people are. None of this could have happened without you... the reader! You became an active participant in our goal and you are a big part of the reason we have been able to help so many kids in care.

Thank you :o)

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Blocks and Knocks said...

It would never have happened without YOU lovely lady and the wonderful community. Well done on this massive achievement.

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