Thursday, September 17, 2009

Noteable Designs are helping B4AK

This wonderful business is supporting B4AK this month by donating a portion of the sales from each allergy and alert products sold. So this is the perfect time to invest in something that will give you peace of mind when taking your little one out to the park, the public pool, a theme park or even a large shopping center.

If your child, (or lets face it, your husband), is prone to 'wandering' the ID Me range will be great for you. These cards can be hung from a lanyard around the neck or you can get 'business card' like items for older children to keep in their bags. Imagine loosing track of your child at the show and them being to scared to talk to the nice police officer who is trying to help them. If the child had an ID, they would be back with you safe and sound that much sooner.

The alert cards are such a great idea as well! I am a teacher and quite often children will tell you they can have a certain food or drink so they are not left out. This can be quite dangerous if the child has a serious nut, dairy or egg allergy. Sometimes there are temporary teachers in classes (if the regular teacher is off sick), who may think a cooking activity is a good idea. With these cards and this information readily available, the classroom will be a much safer place.

These alert cards are fantastic for children who have been diagnosed with ASD (a form of autism), intellectual impairment, or other disability that they may not be able to communicate appropriately.

Just some example of use may be - Alert others to the fact that this child is, hearing impaired, has asthma, has an allergy to a specific food or additive, is unable to speak, understands only French or speaks only Italian, etc.

You can have all sorts of things on the cards and the staff at Noteable Designs are more than happy to personalise for your needs.

Take a look below at the fabulous 'backpack tags' that Noteable Designs have created for B4AK. These will be added to the backpacks for the older children. Maree approached me about this idea a few weeks ago and this is the outcome. Each tag has the Kids Helpline number on it.

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