Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Catching up in Cairns

It was really great to meet Allison yesterday. She is the creative genius behind 'Belly of Love' pregnancy and life casting.

I was in Cairns for an appointment and was able to meet up with Allison and her youngest daughter Reece for a cuppa on the Esplanade. Allison explained to me that her daughters had been using the teddy factory to create 10 teddies for the B4AK. They filled them with 'fluff' according to Reece and I'm pretty sure a whole heap of love went in there as well. We counted out the teddies and found that two of them had 'run away'! How adorable are kids?!

Allison also gave me a sample of her new product "Precious Preserves". I'll be trying that out as soon as I can decide which teddy to preserve! I suggested that maybe I use it on my cat . . . but Allison talked me out of it!

See some examples of painted Belly Casts and Life Casts below.

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