Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Packing Day Nov. 8th 2009

Whistle while you work . . .

What a day!
We woke up to terrible weather, wind, rain, gusty blows . . . just perfect to set up on the back deck for our packing day (sarcasm!).

Jo was the first to arrive. She had to drive over 90 kms through the wind and rain to get here but she did, and with a car load full of donations as well! Tara turned up next , so we sat down for a cuppa while waiting for the rest of the crew.

Tracy and Jaala arrived not long after, so the organising began. Tracy suggested that we set the donations out in sizes and by category in a production line, so we all set about moving tables and unpacking storage containers and bags of toys.

I have to say, this layout worked extremely well and in no time we had packed almost 30 backpacks in sizes 4, 5 and 6 for both boys and girls!

In fact we eventually had to stop packing the larger sizes because we ran out of torches, undies, and activity packs! Which is great on one hand (because it meant we'd packed lots of bags) . . . but frustrating on the other,(because we had more bags we wanted to pack).

Undeterred, the team pressed on and decided to pack nappy bags. The production line was changed over to include nappies, bottles, bibs and some of the most adorable baby clothes you could ever see!

In less than you can imagine, the girls had packed a few dozen nappy bags and continued packing sizes 7 and 8 until we: a) ran out of backpacks and had to pack into plastic bags until more donations come in, b) exhaustion kicked in and we all had a cuppa and c) husbands started calling mobile phones to see if their beautiful wives would be home soon!

If you have ever wondered what 75 backpacks and nappy bags would look like when stored in a room . . . wonder no more! Just take a peep at the photo below.
Now all that needs to be done is deliver the bags :o)

Once again, thank you to everyone who is supporting B4AK. Without your generosity these bags could not have been packed . . .

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