Friday, November 27, 2009

4 Li'l Darlins

When Chris of 4 Li'l Darlins heard about the call for donations to the B4AK auctions, she dropped everything she was doing to create some wonderful Christmas accessories!!! Ok, maybe she was on a coffee break, because she whipped these beautiful bows and clips up in less time that it takes to check your Facebook status!

This one is my favourite . . .

And according to Chris the little bell on Santa's hat really does jingle. What a perfect idea for Christmas day, not to mention all the days leading up to it!

This next one is called a Christmas Korker and I have to say, I'd never heard of such a thing until Jodie from Love Mum explained it to me! And now that Chris has told me the 'secret' of how they are made I might just attempt my own . . . in my spare time, when I'm not busy packing backpacks or nappy bags, cooking dinner, playing with the dogs and the new kitten, watching Dr Who and Torchwood, the list is endless - I should just buy one from Chris!

And who wouldn't love these glamorous starry clips! These could really be worn any time of the year.

All these wonderful accessories are on Auction as a Christmas Bundle, with a starting price of just $10.00! Bidding commences Tuesday 8pm, but listings are available for preview now, with more being posted daily.

Who do you know that would look fabulous with these festive accessories? Maybe it's you!
Just click on the picture to look at the auction listing.

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