Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Support from online Op shops!

Online shopping for kids in need

Long time supporter, Sophie from Optots and new supporter Kate from Echo Way, are both offering free postage to anyone purchasing items to send to B4AK!

This is such a generous offer and a great way for people to donate much needed clothing without having to pay postage as well!

Both sites have an excellent range of pre-loved clothing at great prices. I often shop online at Optots and am happy that I now know of another online store that sells recycled kids clothing.

Optots has expanded it's range to include "Mummy Wear" as well as maternity and other accessories, including toys and books for the kids.

Echo Way has new organic kids clothing for sale as well as the recycled items.

Both stores are great value and I've heard nothing but excellent reviews from happy customers.

If you are looking to help B4AK or looking for something for yourself or a special child in your life, you really can't go past these wonderful online op shops!

NB- Sophie, your continued support and little extras in the packages always keep me smiling :o)

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