Saturday, December 5, 2009

TrendyKidz support B4AK


I've just been looking over the TrendyKidz website and realised that online shopping is really big business!

I met Bev on Facebook through our individual fan pages and she has sent an enormous bag of donations from herself for the B4AK project.

When I mention that I was in need of clothing for older kids, TrendyKidz then sent in two 5 kg bags filled to bursting with long sleeved t-shirts for kids in middle, upper primary and high school!

I was having morning tea with a couple of good friends (and B4AK supporters!) when the lovely postie arrived with the packages. My friends just couldn't believe it when I opened the parcels to reveal all the shirts inside! Both of them were really amazed at the generosity of the sender, so I explained that people like Bev really make the project work. It was her generous spirit that decided to send the shirts.

Needless to say, we spent ages looking at the sizes and colours of shirts and talking about how best to use them on our next packing day.

The TrendyKidz website is full of quality clothing for children, babies and teens. You can shop online or host a part in your house, (with some excellent hostess gifts of course), or you can also become a TrendyKidz consultant and work for yourself, you can even take your kids to work with you as the models!

Click on the links to visit the site and support another Aussie WAHM.

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