Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Pretty Things Distract Me

Supporting B4AK through the online auctions at

Love the name of this online business! Mainly because it's true . . . Pretty Things Distract Me ;o)

The owner of the site (and creative genius) is WHAM Bec, who is mum to 4 kiddies.
Her aim when starting this business was to enable people to buy quality kids accessories and clothing at very reasonable prices.

What adorably pretty clips, and how about the infant headband! Great for dressing up the little one for a special occasion, or even just a trip to the shops to show her off.

click on any picture to go to the auctions

These wooden letters are just lovely for your child's bedroom, no matter how old. From nursery to young child to teenager, this is a great way to personalise a room for someone you love. And I guess you could ask for the word to be 'Imagine' or 'Love', or even, 'Inspire!' I'm sure Bec would do her best to accommodate your wishes! At just $7 per letter, this is a great idea.

You can see several of these items listed at the online auctions here -

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