Saturday, December 5, 2009

Vintage Kid and The Bees Knees Kids

Vintage Kid Website

Their Facebook page describes the business perfectly!

". . . a growing variety of beautifully made baby items and gifts - all sorts of things that are not only gorgeous but get us all saying 'oh I remember these!'. The kinds of goodies that make us all smile and feel like we did 'way back when'.Quatities are kept small so you won't find your favourite VintageKid™ items on the shelves of any big stores - each time you make a purchase you are getting something wonderfully uncommon."

The Vintage Kid site is well worth the look. The items are top quality and the range is unique and special. If you want something that reminds you of your younger days (fashion wise that is!), you are sure to find something you want here!

bib on auction

Vintage Kid owners are supporters of the B4AK project and have donated items to the online auctions running now at

Facebook Fan Page

This online business is owned and operated by Bernice and Sean, who are committed to providing top quality and service at all times. Their focus is to provide an excellent variety of clothing and accessories from bub to mum and stock products that they use, or have used themselves.

As well as this, Bernice and Sean are passionate about helping the children in the community gain a voice and strength. They donate 10% of their profits to Compassion and Feed the Children.

It's obviously very important to the store owners that they give back something to the community and I guess that's why, when Bernice heard about the online auctions that Backpacks 4 Aussie Kids were having, she had no hesitation in offering items to be auctioned off.

sandwich cutters on auction

Funny how I continued to be surprised and thrilled every time someone offers to help the project . . . I should be getting used to it by now.

Overall Being supports B4AK

Overall Being Website
Overall Being Blog
Facebook Fan Page

Overall Being has been a strong supporter of this project right from the get go. I'm happy to say that I've been able to chat with Lisa over the phone and receive some much needed healing energy from her as well.

Mother of 4 boys, Lisa runs a successful and gorgeous business from home, making jewelery, minky blankets, beaded bookmarks and can accommodate just about every taste and want in her lines!

I think Overall Being was the first online business to encourage support of the project through a fundraiser. The scrabble tile pendants were offered at a discount price and a percentage of the funds raised came to B4AK.

Here you can see a couple of the things Lisa made just for me!

I was so impressed, I even ordered a custom keyring holder for my dad for Father's day this year. He totally loved it! That's him, my Dad the Greek Cook!

To show her continued support of the project, Lisa has donated a Monkey Zoobie to the online auctions at This cute little fella is a toy a cushion and opens out to a blanket!
Go to the Overall Being website to see more Zoobie creatures. I just love the crocodile Zoobie, and I know a little girl who would love to get one for Christmas.

Love Mum supports auctions

The lovely Jodie describes her business as,

"Love Mum is a classy classic designer range for mums that are exciting and practical, its going to be a place Where all Stylish mums will love to shop!"

Jodie is one of those magical creative types that obviously loves her job so much that it's not a job to her. There are always lots of specials and giveaways on her Facebook Fan Page and the online store is jam packed with all sorts of goodies for mums, bubs and kids.

I first became aware of Love Mum when there was a competition running to win a tutu for a little girl! Unfortunately Jodie was unable to make one in my size!! LOL

The range of hair clips and accessories is my favourite category and I look forward to her new creations on a regular basis.

Since then I have been proud to watch as Jodie has grown her business, her fans and her product base into a positive and successful business.

Love Mum was kind enough to donate this Rainbow Hearts girls necklace to the auctions. It's been won, but drop on over to her website and pick one up for yourself.

Jodie is a mum, creator, partner, business owner and artist!

Thanks to her, our kids are looking more stylish than ever.

TrendyKidz support B4AK


I've just been looking over the TrendyKidz website and realised that online shopping is really big business!

I met Bev on Facebook through our individual fan pages and she has sent an enormous bag of donations from herself for the B4AK project.

When I mention that I was in need of clothing for older kids, TrendyKidz then sent in two 5 kg bags filled to bursting with long sleeved t-shirts for kids in middle, upper primary and high school!

I was having morning tea with a couple of good friends (and B4AK supporters!) when the lovely postie arrived with the packages. My friends just couldn't believe it when I opened the parcels to reveal all the shirts inside! Both of them were really amazed at the generosity of the sender, so I explained that people like Bev really make the project work. It was her generous spirit that decided to send the shirts.

Needless to say, we spent ages looking at the sizes and colours of shirts and talking about how best to use them on our next packing day.

The TrendyKidz website is full of quality clothing for children, babies and teens. You can shop online or host a part in your house, (with some excellent hostess gifts of course), or you can also become a TrendyKidz consultant and work for yourself, you can even take your kids to work with you as the models!

Click on the links to visit the site and support another Aussie WAHM.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Pretty Things Distract Me

Supporting B4AK through the online auctions at

Love the name of this online business! Mainly because it's true . . . Pretty Things Distract Me ;o)

The owner of the site (and creative genius) is WHAM Bec, who is mum to 4 kiddies.
Her aim when starting this business was to enable people to buy quality kids accessories and clothing at very reasonable prices.

What adorably pretty clips, and how about the infant headband! Great for dressing up the little one for a special occasion, or even just a trip to the shops to show her off.

click on any picture to go to the auctions

These wooden letters are just lovely for your child's bedroom, no matter how old. From nursery to young child to teenager, this is a great way to personalise a room for someone you love. And I guess you could ask for the word to be 'Imagine' or 'Love', or even, 'Inspire!' I'm sure Bec would do her best to accommodate your wishes! At just $7 per letter, this is a great idea.

You can see several of these items listed at the online auctions here -

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