Friday, July 24, 2009

Busy week

Wow, what a busy week! The Innisfail show was last Thurs and Fri. I was there helping dad with his stall, Papou's Greek Sweets and Bicuits and he let me attach an information stall about the backpacks. I decided at the last moment to have a $2 lucky dip because I wasn't allowed to run a raffle. It was great! Managed to raise some much needed funds. I'm quickly discovering bookkeeping I can tell you!

The Innisfail Harvey Norman stand was across from us at the show. Those fellas helped to make the time more interesting. Craig, (the I.T.) franchise owner ran a photo competition. You could take a digital camera for 15mins and wander around the show taking photo's. You then picked the best one from your time and it got printed out and placed up on the wall to be judged. I'm expecting a call any second to say that I've won!!!! (I wish). The prize is a really cool new digital camera.

An old friend of mine from school also turned up at the show stall with a wonderful donation. I almost cried when I saw that she had personally donated $100! That's 20 backpacks from the ebay seller I've been dealing with. What a generous lovely woman! I can't thank her enough for her donation.

Also, just recently joined the site connect2mums. A really great place to meet some clever and interesting people.

Peace and Katy signed a copy of their book, to be included in the next big prize draw and I'm thinking about getting one of my mum's manuscripts published, (she passed from cancer in 2000), I know she would love that.

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