Friday, July 24, 2009

QCWA donates

Tuesday the 21st July, I was invited to attend the QCWA (Queensland Country Women's Association) AGM. Several of their members had taken a clipping from the local newspaper article that myself and Jo were in a while back.

The group was keen to hear more about what we are doing and even had organised a raffle with money raised going straight to B4AK! I didn't know about the raffle until I got there just before the meeting.

And what a lovely meeting it was. The Mayor of Cassowary Coast was the Chairman and the people from the Mamu Canopy walk had also been invited to speak.

It was obvious that the group had had a tough year with the loss of members to cancer and other illnesses, but they all seemed to be very supportive and caring of each other.

When it came to my turn to speak I had to apologise about my lack of knowledge of meeting protocol. I haven't been to a proper formal meeting since high school!

I took along a backpack made up for a girl aged 2. As I took the items out of the bag I explained the reasons that they were included - soft toy to cuddle, torch to feel safe at night, new underwear, activity pack to give the child something fun to do, clothes and p.j.'s especially for the child, toothbrush and paste to call their own and a toy if possible.

The ladies were very concerned that some of the children coming into care didn't have these items with them. I explained that sometimes kids must be removed from their home quickly and they may or may not be able to go back later and get their things. This is important to remember for the older children who already have their own personal issues to deal with, at school, in the playground, with friendships, etc.

At the end of the talk I was presented with a cheque for $60 from the QCWA. I wasn't expecting anything when I turned up, just to talk. It was a lovely gift for kids in need.

Another lady from Tully spoke to me after the meeting and personally gave $50 as did the Laurel club of Innisfail.

A really great day! And....? I hear you ask.....Were there pumpkin scones with jam and cream?
YES!!! and mini caramel tarts, home baked cakes, finger sandwiches cut into triangles and cups of tea.

The only sad part of the afternoon for me was realising that all the ladies in the room were over 60 and some much, much older. I hope this wonderful Association is able to stay strong and gain new and younger members.

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