Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Innisfail Markets 15th Aug 2009

Firstly let me say - OMG it was cold! Well, ok. It was cold for Innisfail. Bruce and Kairo (my doggie) and I got to the park at about 6.15 am, in the dark mind you, to find that most stall holders had already set up! They must have used their infra-red night goggles or something because the sun didn't get up till about 6.20am.

Bruce and I (and Kairo) set up the stall and Bruce stood under the tent for a bit while I went and got a cuppa and a pancake with lemon and sugar and strawberries with fresh cream on top. Hmmm, breakfast! Then Bruce went off to fly his plane while the weather was lovely and clear.

We took along the raffle of the Mummy's Gift Pack that you can see on the right of this blog and I had also made some Nappy Cakes. I had to explain to Bruce a number of times that women would want to buy these and they have nothing to do with the yukky, smelly nappies that come off the kids! Nappy Cakes are the fun bit BEFORE the baby has it's way with them.
I should mention here that Bruce has to grown sons, so he's done the nappy thing and wasn't really that fussed on it!

There was lots of interest about the Nappy Cakes and I even sold two. All proceeds go back into the B4AK. About 10 or so women took a business card, so I hope they get in touch. I'll be taking the Nappy Cakes up to the Shopping Spectacular in the Shire Hall on the 29th Aug. http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=108295788148&ref=mf

It was also a really great opportunity to meet the locals who have been supporting the project. I was able to catch up with a few friends I hadn't seen for ages, one of whom is a kinship carer. It was interesting talking with her as she has taken on 4 children plus her own 2. She's doing a great job and is able to utilise the respite that it offered so she can still have 'family time' on the weekends with her girls.

My beautiful girl (American/English Staffy) Kairo kept me company the whole time and was very well behaved. In fact, I think she was a bit nervous (big sook!) because she didn't take her eyes off me for the first two hours we were there.

Of course my dear friend Tracy came along with coffee (de caf for me unfortunately), from Gloria Jeans and some yummy mini caramel tarts. I was thankful for the company and the warm drink.

All in all, while I didn't sell a whole heap of Nappy Cakes, we did manage to sell about $80 worth of tickets and a lovely woman made a $20 cash donation.

I think the more visible the project is the better. I was in the medicare office today and the staff asked me how things were going with the backpacks. So, getting out there must be working.

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