Thursday, August 27, 2009

100 bags packed!

I can hardly believe it! 100 backpacks/nappy bags have been packed!
Honestly, I wasn't sure people would be into this project, but there has been so much wonderful support and I've met so many inspiring people over the last few months, that I'm just grateful that I began this journey.

A few months ago I sent out an email to my contacts list and didn't really expect too much to happen. Here is a copy of the email -

I'm collecting donations of school backpacks (preferably new, but in good condition is fine too). I'd like to make up some packs to give to charity.
My partner and I have been looking into taking on the role as foster carers and the process has opened my eyes to just how much some kids don't have.
Imagine being taken from your home by strangers (police or DOCS) with nothing but the clothes you are wearing or possibly a rubbish bag hastily stuffed with clothes or toys and then being sent off to live with strangers. Or being in care with one family for a month or so and then being moved on to the next one. Some of these kids have nowhere to call home.
My thoughts behind the backpacks are - the pack stays with the child; it has p.j.'s a little blanket, maybe some clothes, an age appropriate toy or book (depending on what I can get), and a little torch. All underwear sent should be new with tags please.
Donate the backpack with or without contents.
You can purchase a cheap backpack or those cute little kids suitcases on wheels from the Warehouse etc. for not too much.
If you don't have a backpack, just donate what you have in plastic bags and I'll sort it.
Don't forget children of all ages are in care, from newborn babies to teenagers.
All donations are welcome.

I got a few messages of support, but mostly silence! And then it happened . . . people started emailing back, forwarding the original email and writing their own emails to gather support.
The email has been to all parts of the world and I've received donations from Indonesia, Sydney, Perth and interest from the USA and the UK and Ireland!

And now, here we are, the 26th August 2009 and the original goal of 100 bags has been reached.
100 down, 900 to go! And who knows, maybe more . . .

Please email me if you would like more details on this project at

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