Saturday, August 1, 2009

Torches and love

I went into town yesterday arvo for a few things and when I arrived home I was greeted by a large box on the back steps. A couple of people had contacted me last week to let me know that various things were on the way, so I was excited to see what the box contained! (I love coming home to 'pressies' on the back steps!).

I grabbed a knife, slit the tape around the top of the box and quickly opened it. Inside I found black and yellow torches and a box of LED keychain torches! But that wasn't all. There was an envelope amongst the packing and the torches. It was address to Backpacks 4 Aussie Kids, which in itself is exciting. People are beginning to more formally recognise that these donations are going to the project, and not to me personally. This is something I have worried about since beginning collections.

Inside the envelope was enough money to enable me to purchase batteries for the torches! Such a nice thought. I realise that batteries are heavy to post and probably puts people off sending them, but these thoughtful people were able to solve this problem but including some cash.

I have to thank them, not just for the donation, but for supporting this project. With people like this spreading the word and helping out, I know we can make a differnce.

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