Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Monty and Lucy

The following extract was posted on the fanpage on FB.

Just a quick note to make sure I droped the stuff off at the right house!! The two little friends in there are ophans - the dog is Monty, he was left behind in a shop I was working at, he loves cuddles and is the best secret keeper EVER!! Lucy as we call her, is a traveller and loves an adventure - she was passed on to me from a girl who had "out grown" her, since being with me she has been on holidays to brisbane, canberra and new zealand with several friends. I hope you can find good matches for them and I know they will be loved and that they have a lot of love to give some one very special.

What a lovely note. How sweet that these toys were loved and cared for and are now being passed on to the next person. I hope they have a wonderful new life, wherever they end up.
Thank you to this fan and supporter. You made my day.

I had been out doing the shopping at Coles and noticed these toys and several packets of nappies under the house. The instant I saw them, a smile jumped to my lips. People have been so kind and generous, giving up things that were once important to them. Instead of holding on to past items like memories and shoving them in the closet, these toys will have the chance to bring happiness and security to someone new.

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