Sunday, September 5, 2010

Time to vote again!

It's time to vote for those Kids in our Community who are 'doing their bit'.


Caleb recently participated in his first ever 40Hr Famine.
Caleb is 13yrs old, and it was his own decision to 'go without'.
Caleb didn't just go without food though, he decided to go without Technology as well.
Now, this might not seem like much to you or I, but, Caleb is one of those Kids who enjoys his TV, Games & Music.
He set about planning the weekend with gusto. He planned games and activities to occupy his time, and he did the Famine with a friend, so they had each other to lean on.
Caleb unfortunately suffers from Childhood Migraines, and lo and behold, one developed on the Saturday night while the Famine was in full swing. The only way to relieve this is for rest, medication and food (as it is likely that the lack of food attributed to the migraine). So, Caleb had to eat. It was my decision, not his, but he accepted that this was necessary for his health.
He could have just ended the whole shebang right there, but he didn't. He continued with his 'fasting' from technology into the next day, and even longer than initially planned because he wanted to make up for having to eat before the 40hrs was up.
Caleb's goal was to raise $300. A nice modest sum. To this date, Caleb has raised approx $100. He is extremely proud of himself, as this amount of money will go a long way to help children in 3rd world countries.
I am proud of Caleb for wanting to do something selfless to help others. He is my (big) Little Hero!


I would like to nominate Ruby. Ruby was diagnosed with lung cancer at age 7 and is now 9 and in remission. She has raised over $6000 for the Oncology Children’s Foundation through her efforts to bring a team to the Gear Up Girl Sydney cycling events each year for the past two years.
Ruby has lost half of 1 lung, but doesn't let that get to her.
Last year, 6 months after Ruby's surgery, a follow up scan showed no sign of Cancer in Ruby's lungs.


India is a year 4 student, who has a passion for design and social awareness, and it started early. India has launched her own special line of personally designed bags, Butterscotch Kids By Caidia, and all proceeds are going to be donated to Australia's homeless, and to raise awareness of the issue amongst children her own age.
India clearly gets her great sense of charity from her Mother Kate, who has her own Bag Range, and recently donated $1 from every Messenger bag sold to the homeless charities throughout Australia.
India has been able to visit Chinese manufacturing houses, so she has seen homelessness at its worst, and she was shocked to discover it occured in Australia too, so she decided she wanted to help.

You can vote for one of these amazing kids at the Family Capers forum.
Such a hard decision to make!

Each monthly winner receives a backpack full of goodies from the project team here at Backpacks 4 Aussie Kids just to say thanks for being you!

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