Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sorting Morning

Another beautiful day in Innisfail. Hot, humid and drizzly. Someone forgot to tell the weather gods that it's Spring!!!

It was about a billion degrees in the warehouse, (unless I just hit menopause), and our little pedestal fan just wasn't cutting it!

Nevertheless, three dedicated members of the local Salvos turned up to help sort the clothing into sizes and then into sets. Our project secretary Tracy was also able to help out for an hour or so before taking her little girl to a birthday party. Remember when birthday's were something to look forward too!?!!

We spent a good two hours setting out the clothing and then bundling up sets, (that's a top and a bottom) with the size marked on it.  This will make stocktaking run much more smoothly.  When the sets are put into the correct boxes, each has a stocktake form on the front of it - like so:

This means that I can go in and pack at anytime and know exactly how many of each sizes we can cater for. As you can see, if clothing is taken or added to the boxes, it's all noted on the form. That's a lot of mucking around I hear you say . . . 

Yep! It takes quite a while to set it up. But since our next goal is 10,000 backpacks it will pay to be organised :o)

All in all, I was standing in the heat on the concrete for about 5 hours! I stayed after the others left so I could open more boxes of donations and do a few other things. But I have to say that without the help of the Salvos this morning never would have happened!


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